Eva in QF of the National Championship U14

Eva being the youngest player in the quarterfinals of the Slovenian National Championship U14 played offensive tennis and out-ruled the 6th seeded player Lija in the 1st round and the two year older girl Rina in the 2nd round without loosing a single set.

However, the 1st seeded girl Eva M-U was a way too strong opponent in the QF (http://www.teniska-zveza.si/novica/10196/ ).

Eva semifinalist at Slovenian open U12

The first outdoor tournament in 2019 was quite tough; Eva won 2 matches in a row (6:0, 6:0 and 6:1, 6:1) up to the quarterfinals. QF was a two and a half hours lasting match with 3 sets (4:6, 6:0, 6:4) on a hot day. Immediately she continued with the semifinals, but even having 5:3, she lost the set with 7:6.  In the 2nd set she took a lead with 3:1, but her strength vanished after  2 hours and she had to congratulate the 1st seeded player for victory (3:6).

Eva semifinals at SLO open U12. First time with Wilson Official equipment.