Semifinalist at the National Championship U16

After overcomming her main tennis opponent Nala in the QF by 2:0, Eva unfortunately lost the semifinals in the rain by 6:4,4:6,6:7. The 3rd place for Eva!

Eva got a reward for the semifinals at the National Championship U16.

No luck at Tennis Europe U16 Cat 1 in Tolentino

Eva succesfully accomplished the 1st match against the strong Italian player Daria, winning by 6:2, 6:3.

But the 2nd round finished at the end of the 2nd set with a wrong decision made by the referee (6:4, 4:6, 0:6).  Furthermore a bit of selfcontrol training is essential to stay calm and neglect such common mistakes. But congratulations for staying tuned for Race2 Monte Carlo #4.

After 24 weeks Eva is still running for the Monte Carlo Tennis Europe Junior Masters 2022.