Winner of doubles and runner up in singles Tennis Europe U16 Oslo

Eva had a wonderful week in Oslo at Tennis Europe U16 Clarkson Platou-Norwegian Open , winning the doubles with Alexandra Magia from Greece.

This is her 3rd win in the raw in doubles after winning Le Chambon sur Lignon U16 2022 and Copenhagen Open U14 in 2021.

The winning period put her on the 5th place on the temporary list (week 11, 2022) Race to Monte Carlo!

Winners of TE16 Norvegian Open

Eva was a Runner Up in singles. After defeating the 1st seeded Victoria by 6:2, 6:4, she felt a bit exhausted but was fighting for the title. However, Emma was playing better and won by 7:6, 6:4 (source: TE).

Runner Up in singles TE16 Norvegian Open

Eva and Alexandra, winners of doubles TE16 Norvegian Open 2022