A point away from the top at Tenis Slovenia Masters U16

Eva had tremendous two days in Litija at Triglav Slovenian Masters U16.  In the 1st round she eliminated Karolina Trnkovski by 6:0, 6:2, in the quarterfinals defeated the 4th seeded Nala Kovacic by 6:0, 6:4 and in the semifinals Eva overcame the 2nd seeded Pia Petelinsek by 6:3, 6:3.

The final game in the afternoon could have finished easily by 6:1, 6:2, but loosing the 2nd match point was just too much to stay focused until the end of the game. Therefore the final score 6:1,5:7,1:6 against Kaja made Eva a runner up at the Slovenian Masters U16 2022.

Eva got a 2nd price at Slovenian Masters U16 2022

The organisation of the tournament was below the threshold, even without an official photographer.

There was no official photographer at the Triglav Tennis Slovenia Masters 2022.

First ITF WTT points for QF at Junior Slovenian Open

Eva had a tremendous week at ITF WTT  J4 Slovenian Open in Domžale. After two consequtive wins, over Karolina H (CZE) by 6:2, 6:1 and Manuella P (CRO) by 7:5,6:1 she also outruled the 1st seeded player from Slovenia Brina S by 6:3, 6:3 and finished among 8 best players.

The Fridays match against the Slovak girl Kali was exhausting for both motivated players. Eva took a lead by 5:4, but could not take the set (5:7).  No energy left for her to rise up in the 2nd set (2:6). Congratulations!

Eva and Kali after the QF match at ITF WTT J4 Slovenian Open

Eva and Amelie (GER) also had fun in doubles, winning the 1st match.

Eva and her friend Amelie H from Germany.


Runner up in doubles and semifinalist in singles U16 Cat 2, Haid, Austria

A successfull week after a month break ended up with semifinals (3rd place) in singles and a runner up in doubles at the U16 cat 2 tennis tournament in Haid near Linz in Austria.

Not an easy job to play 3 sets for 4 hours in the warmest month of this century. Despite of cramps Eva managed to finish the game by 2:2,6:3,7:6 and later in the day play also doubles. The therapy was quite successfull, enough for the following 3 wins. However, Friday’s matches were just too much for exhausted young tennis player. Happy to be home again.

Eva and Flora (HUN) – top team – this time runners up.

After all, the semifinal match against Greta (HUN) a perspective good player was noticeably a good game. On contrary the doubles final was a nervous game with some mistakes that young players may forgive and forget fast.

Semifinalist at the National Championship U16

After overcomming her main tennis opponent Nala in the QF by 2:0, Eva unfortunately lost the semifinals in the rain by 6:4,4:6,6:7. The 3rd place for Eva!

Eva got a reward for the semifinals at the National Championship U16.

No luck at Tennis Europe U16 Cat 1 in Tolentino

Eva succesfully accomplished the 1st match against the strong Italian player Daria, winning by 6:2, 6:3.

But the 2nd round finished at the end of the 2nd set with a wrong decision made by the referee (6:4, 4:6, 0:6).  Furthermore a bit of selfcontrol training is essential to stay calm and neglect such common mistakes. But congratulations for staying tuned for Race2 Monte Carlo #4.

After 24 weeks Eva is still running for the Monte Carlo Tennis Europe Junior Masters 2022.

Winner of doubles and quarterfinalist in singles Grawe Open Tennis Europe U16 Maribor

Eva has won her 4th title in doubles in 2022, this time with her friend Julija from Koper, Slovenia. They have outplayed the slovenian-ukrainian double Pia and Polina at GRAWE Open 2022 in Maribor by 6:1, 6:4. (TZS).

In singles she was the 1st seeded, but in QF she was exhausted after 3 hours and 15 min, loosing the 3rd set (7:5, 3:6, 5:7) against Natalia from the Czech Republic.



Eva is running for the place in European final Masters in Monte Carlo.  Currently she is no 6.

Winner of doubles and runner up in singles Tennis Europe U16 Oslo

Eva had a wonderful week in Oslo at Tennis Europe U16 Clarkson Platou-Norwegian Open , winning the doubles with Alexandra Magia from Greece.

This is her 3rd win in the raw in doubles after winning Le Chambon sur Lignon U16 2022 and Copenhagen Open U14 in 2021.

The winning period put her on the 5th place on the temporary list (week 11, 2022) Race to Monte Carlo!

Winners of TE16 Norvegian Open

Eva was a Runner Up in singles. After defeating the 1st seeded Victoria by 6:2, 6:4, she felt a bit exhausted but was fighting for the title. However, Emma was playing better and won by 7:6, 6:4 (source: TE).

Runner Up in singles TE16 Norvegian Open

Eva and Alexandra, winners of doubles TE16 Norvegian Open 2022

Winner of doubles U16 Cat 2 Le Chambon sur Lignon 2022, France

Eva and Flora Farkaslaki-Hints from Hungary won the doubles Tennis Europe U16 Cat 2 Tournament in Le Chambron sur Lignon in France without loosing a single set (source: TE, Tenis-Slovenija).

QF in singles at #tenniseuropejuniortour TE16 Cat 2 in France. After numerous false decisions of the chair umpire at 4:3 and 5:4, the QF game finished with 5:7, 1:6. The opponent was playing top tennis.